Bedouin Tribes of Petra Tee Shirt : $20 (incl. postage & tax)
Printed cotton T-shirts depicting a drawing of an ancient stone idol representing al-Uzza,the pre-Islamic Arabian of Goddess of the Morning Star who was the main diety in Nabataean culture, the original inhabitants of Petra. Printed Silver on Black.



Bedouin Tribes of Petra 1" Buttons: 2 for $1.00 (incl. postage & tax)
Small button/pin depicting a photograph of Al-Uzza.


1" button

Bedouin Tribes of Petra 3" Stickers: 2 for $1.00 (incl. postage & tax)
2-Color sticker with drawing of Al-Uzza



Bedouin Tribes of Petra Large Postcard 11" x 6": $2.50 (incl. postage & tax)
A large format postcard of 3 views of the famous Khazneh (Treasury) at Petra

Bedouin Tribes of Petra Postcard 6"x 4.25" or 11" x 14" Poster Print
Vivian's iconic photograph of Abu Gassim bordered in a montage of 26 of her photographs, many of which are in the current travelling exhibition


Standard 6" x 4.25" Postcard - $1.50 (incl. postage & tax)
11" x 14" Poster Print $50.00 (+ $7.50 S&H)

Bedouin Tribes of Petra
Custom Fine Art Prints:
Archival, exhibition quality photographic prints. Click Here for more image choices.

13" x 19" Archival giclee print - $120.00 (+$15.00 S & H)
16" x 24" Archival, museum-quality digital C-print $400.00 (+$15.00 S & H)